Membership of St. George Rifle Club is open to anyone except:

  1.  Any person who is prohibited from possessing firearms under Section.21 of the Firearms Act 1968.
  2. Anyone under 14 years of age.  Anyone under eighteen years must be accompanied by an adult, who will be responsible for their supervision.
  3.  Any person whose membership is objected to by the police. The club also reserves the right to refuse membership to anyone, without giving a reason.

There are two types of membership – ‘Probationary’ and ‘Full’.

Probationary Membership

All applicants must join as a probationary member. The probationary period lasts for at least six months. You must complete a course of instruction with a club instructor and must attend and shoot regularly, so that the club is satisfied that you are safe to handle firearms.
We may waive the probationary period if you are a current full member of another Home Office approved club or hold a valid Firearm Certificate. Anyone who does not have a ‘Shooter Safety Card’ must undergo the relevant training course.

Full Membership

Becoming a full member means that you can demonstrate that you are safe with firearms and that you have undergone a proper training course. Full membership will be considered by the club committee after completing your probationary period.


Every member must take a training course to MoD/NRA standard to be allowed to shoot on MoD ranges. Upon completion you will be issued with a ‘Shooter Certification Card’ which is required to be held by all civilians using military ranges. This card must be carried with you every time you shoot. We are not allowed to let you shoot without it.
The training course is conducted over your first three visits to the range. The first is safety instruction followed by some shooting. The second and third will be a recap of the previous session followed by more shooting. Once you have completed these three visits and have proved yourself safe,  we will issue your Shooter Safety Card. You may then attend and shoot at any of the club shoots. The Shooter Certification Card is valid for one year and is only for the shooter named on the card. If your membership ceases, for any reason, you must return your card. It is only valid for use on a MoD range if you are a St. George member, even if it has not expired.

When you have completed the probationary period the club committee will access your suitability for full membership. If granted, you may then apply to the police for your own firearm certificate.

Club Fees

The membership fee is fixed each year at the AGM depending on the clubs finances. It is currently £150 per annum (2019).
The training by a club Instructor and use of equipment are free, but you will have to pay for any ammunition used.
There is a charge of £5 for the Shooter Certification Card when issued.